Soft Abuse

The Deadnotes

Orange Trumpet

The Deadnotes are Eugene Carchesio, Stuart Busby and Leighton Craig, from Brisbane, Australia. With an arsenal of trumpet, guitar, drums & casio, the trio make a glorious racket that’s drawn comparisons (rightly or wrongly) to Ennio Morricone, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, The Magic Band, Moondog and even The Minutemen. Since their formation in 2005, the band has written and recorded hundreds of minimal miniatures, some of which have appeared on limited CDRs via Craig’s Kindling imprint. The 30 tracks that comprise Orange Trumpet–the trio’s defining statement–are amongst their earliest creations.

Trained in the ‘school of error,’ The Deadnotes’ fractured pop fondly touches upon the sounds of their forebearors in Brisbane, from experimental (The Lost Domain), to skewed pop (Small World Experience), to moody punk (The Five Minutes), to amalgams of all of the above (Carchesio’s solo project, D.N.E.). Edition of 400.


Track Titles

  1. Through the Hoop
  2. Broken Wheel
  3. Orange Trumpet
  4. 3 - 0
  5. Ask the Question
  6. Twice Round the Block
  7. Gigantor
  8. Formula Discovery
  9. Louis' Dog
  10. Ants
  11. Falling Up
  12. Hourglass
  13. Make Waves
  14. Three Set Sail
  15. Chasing the Tail
  16. The Equation
  17. Guinea Pig
  18. Form a Ring, Shuffle Left
  19. Tug o' War
  20. The Days and the Nights
  21. Join the Dots
  22. Pandanus
  23. Mr. Methodical
  24. The Processional
  25. In the Fall of Time
  26. Do the Deadnote
  27. Gigantor (reprise)
  28. Blindfold
  29. Towards Home
  30. The Deadnotes Theme