The Franciscan Hobbies
Masks & Meanings

SAB002 | CD, DL

A further extrapolation of mysterious noise, minimalist acoustic picking & strumming, percussive clatter and occasional abstract vocal utterances from The Franciscan Hobbies. This loosely-bound satellite of the Jewelled Antler Collective weave a dense carpet of moss, sticks and grass on the forest floor with harps, banjos, cumbus oud, bowed-things, organ, bouzouki, broken guitars, gongs, bells and drums.

Track Titles

  • 1. A Preordained Sequence
  • 2. Wasp Embodiment
  • 3. Withered Spring
  • 4. The Animal Performers
  • 5. Plough Drawn by Toads
  • 6. Apprehension of Reality
  • 7. The Matchless Phenomenon