The Scrapes
The Songs of Baron Samedi

SAB072 | CS, DL

Brisbane’s The Scrapes make howling mechanical dirges with fiddle (Adam Cadell) and guitar (Ryan Potter) & other F/X, with plenty of nods to Henry Flynt, Tony Conrad and The Dirty Three. With a few under-the-radar releases in Australia the duo present their first US release & definitive statement: The Songs of Baron Samedi. The ritualistic moans and eerie bellows they’ve honed over the years soar and creak and spit on this set of songs.

Track Titles

  • 1. Oblivion's Grip
  • 2. Sweat
  • 3. The Dictator
  • 4. Air As Thick As Water
  • 5. A Shadowland of Megaphon
  • 6. Remembering the Chiefs
  • 7. Unequal Fronts
  • 8. Wormholes
  • 9. Bloody Mary
  • 10. A Shadowland of Megaphon