Ulaan Khol

SAB032 | CD, DL

All heavy with warmth & mystery, Ulaan Khol returns with another round of vertical incantations. With II, the songs carry a sense of unnerving calm and optimistic gloom, often within a single composition. Swaths of heavy feedback cascade against sinister organ workouts & varied percussion that’s at times pounding, and at others distant. II shines with hazy, rolling atmospheric works that drift and shift with ease. Riding a crumbling riff into oblivion, Ulaan Khol’s II emanates with the gleam of pure white light.

Track Titles

  • 1. Untitled
  • 2. Untitled
  • 3. Untitled
  • 4. Untitled
  • 5. Untitled
  • 6. Untitled
  • 7. Untitled
  • 8. Untitled