Ulaan Khol
La Catacomb

SAB054 | CS, DL

La Catacomb, purloined from a great abyss of uncertainty, is the fourth album proper from Steven R. Smith’s blisteringly psychedelic “power trio” guise. La Catacomb is the perfect follow-up to Ulaan Khol’s Ceremony trilogy, offering more smoulder than flame, more rumination than provocation. Smith’s meticulously-crafted heavy drones & dirges have rarely sounded this harmonic. Once again, he’s pushed further out.

Track Titles

  • 1. Pariah Dogs
  • 2. From Overland They Came in Droves
  • 3. Everything in Everything
  • 4. And I Dreamt the Sky Was a Great Ocean of Blood
  • 5. After the War Was Before the War
  • 6. Watching From the Cave of My Skull