Soft Abuse

Salt by Ulaan Khol

SAB076 | CS, DL

Ulaan Khol


Though silent as Ulaan Khol for the past few years, Steven R. Smith has been as busy as ever writing & recording for tangential projects Ulaan Markhor and Ulaan Passerine. Ulaan Khol may not have seen the same attention as of late, but is the nexus of Smith’s current endeavors, and is his longest-running project as well. Seven years after the first Ulaan Khol release arrived, Smith continues to utilize the platform to fuse the confluence of New Zealand free noise, Australian post-punk and art-rock, and Japanese underground psych (a la PSF Records) with his own palette. Smith presents his own personal strain of psychedelic guitar exploration, alternating between blistering, hypnotic and meditative, with his scorching guitar firmly at the center. Salt is the latest chapter.

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Track Titles

  1. In the Spires
  2. Sun Like a White Scream
  3. From Here to There
  4. Tree Herding
  5. Saltland
  6. Last Dance on the Line
  7. Even the Stars Are Damned
  8. Purifoy / Delta Lady