Soft Abuse

Ulaan Markhor

Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al.

Ulaan Markhor is the latest solo moniker for Californian Steven R. Smith’s studio explorations. Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al. fuses recent itinerant work under aliases Ulaan Khol (blistering basement psychedelia) and Ulaan Passerine (moody & meditative zones) and unveils a distinctly American version of kosmische, with heavy Levon Helm or Clyde Stubblefield -indebted rhythm & groove replacing motorik pulses. Fluid synth, bass, organ & searing guitar textures (all played by Smith) augment the beats. The result is something akin to The Meters meets Amon Düül II. An exciting new chapter in the ever-evolving canon of SRS.


Track Titles

  1. In the Ravine
  2. The Nocturnal in Daylight
  3. Black Onions
  4. Heroine of the Goat Bells
  5. Last Leaf of the Season
  6. This Cabled Distance
  7. No Train Like Water
  8. Butterfly Tar
  9. Rolling