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Ulaan Markhor by Ulaan Markhor

SAB056 | LP, CD, DL

Ulaan Markhor

Ulaan Markhor

Ulaan Markhor is a new solo vision from Californian Steven R. Smith; as with his former veils (Hala Strana and Ulaan Khol, most recently), this new epithet contains a new perspective. Smith explores all corners of kosmische (Gottsching is a touchstone here) with an Eno-like attention to sound. An admiration of Dog Faced Hermans and Long Fin Killie, evident in the wood-block and shaker rhythms, further sets this project apart. Correlations to Roy Montgomery appear as well (as before), but this time its Montgomery’s Dadamah era that bears the fruit. Despite its psychedelic and experimental flourishes, Ulaan Markhor possesses a coy accessibility & populist groove that simply doesn’t relent.


Track Titles

  1. Pharoahs
  2. White Markhor
  3. 100 Birds
  4. Slipped God
  5. Plague of Farewells
  6. Half Ricochet
  7. Kites
  8. Hand in Circles
  9. City of Lakes
  10. Dancing