Soft Abuse

Carter Thornton

image of Carter Thornton

The strum from Gnaw, Zashiki-Warashi, and Pigeons, Carter Thornton has been exploring various modes for years, in tandem with other heads from points around the globe (most notably Japan and NYC). His new solo material, years in the making, is the first output under his given name in an age & a proper reflection of all past pursuits: noise, sound collage, free jazz, folk, etc…


  • Shrine [with Kuwayama-Kijima] LP (2005, Conduit Creations)
  • Ten Fingers for Forefathers LP (2008, Black Dirt)
  • Mapping the Ghost Vol. 1: The Dirt Path To The Field CS (2015, Soft Abuse)
  • Mapping the Ghost Vol. II: The Dead Beach to The Church CS (2016, Soft Abuse)
  • Potential WWIII [with Adam Cadell] CDR (2017, Chocolate Monk)