Carter Thornton
Mapping the Ghost Vol. 2: The Dead Beach to the Church

SAB080 | CS, DL

Another tramp through the darkness by Carter Thornton. The second installment in his series finds his wrestling itinerant sounds from all sorts of things and in several permutations–from jazz combo to desolate field recordings–in service of the narrative, and it’s own disoriented qualities. Mortality and time are themes, and are rendered with the clarity they deserve. Mapping 2 is a head-scratcher that rewards again and again, even as it becomes less clear what’s going on. Yes, it’s that magical.

Track Titles

  • 1. The Dead Beach Part I
  • 2. The Dead Beach Part II
  • 3. The White Highrise
  • 4. Jokl Hides in My Closet at Night
  • 5. Children the Size of Remote Controls
  • 6. The Dead University
  • 7. The Side Chapel
  • 8. Skull After Skull
  • 9. Under the Street
  • 10. The Day we Left the Prison: The Cabin