Soft Abuse

Hala Strana

image of Hala Strana

Explorations of Eastern European folk music from Steven R. Smith. In the same manner that The Band transformed the sounds of early Americana into their own brand of timeless music, Hala Strana has abstracted scales and melodies, creating unique compositions that reference arcane sounds.


  • Karst CDR EP (2003, Jewelled Antler)
  • Hala Strana CD (2003, Emperor Jones)
  • Fielding 2CDR (2003, Jewelled Antler)
  • These Villages CD (2004, Soft Abuse)
  • Fielding 2CD (2005, Last Visible Dog)
  • White Sleep 7" lathe-cut (2005, Soft Abuse)
  • Heave the Gambrel Roof CD/LP (2006, Music Fellowship)
  • Compendium DL (2011, Worstward)
  • Hala Strana 5CS (2014, Cabin Floor Esoterica)