Hala Strana
These Villages

SAB009 | CD, DL

These Villages, the third album from Hala Strana, represents a further culmination of Steven R. Smith’s interest in Eastern European folk music. Smith’s original, instrumental compositions are peppered with interpretations of traditional népzene songs. Built on layers of sustained drone & delicately plucked and bowed strings, These Villages creates a bewitching listening experience, a highlight in Smith’s vast discography of highlights.

Track Titles

  • 1. Wood Scree
  • 2. Dressed in Rushes
  • 3. The Great Season
  • 4. October
  • 5. Meitas Gula Ābolāje
  • 6. Fear of the Land
  • 7. Népdal Tárogatón
  • 8. The Carved Yoke
  • 9. Dilkash
  • 10. Peal
  • 11. For G. Mesmer