Soft Abuse


image of Kraus

(Pat) Kraus has been strumming, modifying, pounding, tweaking and composing around New Zealand for years. He’s worked in various band settings for just as long as his solo recordings have been around, and though everything he touches is unique, it’s his solo songs that relentlessly deliver.


  • I Could Destroy You With a Single Thought CDR (2004, no label)
  • Lamentations of an Ape CDR (2006, Foxglove)
  • Red, Green And Blue (1998-2003) CDR (2006, no label)
  • Emily CDR (2006, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • The Facts CS (2007, Dreamtime Tape Sounds)
  • Golden Treasury CDR (2009, no label)
  • Luxury and Mystery 7" lathe-cut (2010, Epic Sweep)
  • Blank Mountain CDR (2010, no label)
  • Faster Than the Speed of Time LP (2010, Dilettante Courtoisie)
  • A Journey Through the First Dimension with Kraus 7" (2011, Palto Flats)
  • 141492 7" lathe-cut (2011, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Supreme Commander LP (2014, Moniker)
  • Interior Castle CS (2014, Moniker)
  • Mountain of the Moon CS (2016, no label)
  • Skynet Goes Live CS (2016, Epic Sweep)
  • Grip The Moon CS (2017, Soft Abuse)
  • Pudding Island CS (2019, self-released)
  • A Golden Brain LP (2020, Ultra Eczema)