Grip The Moon

SAB084 | CS, DL

Kraus has been a going & growing concern for years now. Each new release from the hands and mind of Auckland’s Pat Kraus is an extension of the one before it, with blasted riffs piled high, explosive drumming and modified electronics teetering on collapse. Grip the Moon is his latest statement, and it’s got all of the Kraus trademarks aplenty with an added dose of Turkish scales bumping up against his Bolan-ish bombast, and primitive futurist take on psychedelic music. Layers and layers of sounds await. Limited.

Track Titles

  • 1. Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed
  • 2. Why Oh Why
  • 3. Boss Killer
  • 4. A Cobweb My Dear
  • 5. Queen of Puddings
  • 6. Directly From Thor's Brain to You
  • 7. Throw the Bat in the Fire
  • 8. Classy Lady
  • 9. Nietzsche's Candy
  • 10. Grip the Moon