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“Everything Pumice owns is broken. Virgin audience members at his shows might think he is fucking up till half-way through when it becomes clear they are witnessing a perfect solo ballet of mini-cassettes, modified guitar, foot-pedal drum-kit & short-circuiting spring reverb croon. Deep into a genius career, Pumice still surprises with his subtle mastery of broke-down sounds, slowed-down Magic Band rhythms, crumbling chord organ hymns & tragic ballads that reach deep into the very soul of Flying Nun/Xpressway/Root Don Lonie For Cash anti-pop pop music.”
– Glenn Donaldson

“Pumice is piloted by Stefan Neville. Sugar Jon Arcus was an original partner back in the day and will always be welcome back on board. Pumice originally appeared as part of the vituperative Plop recordings/Oats street gang in Hamilton in the early 90s amoungst the likes of Armpit, Grommet, Teen-x-ray, Thee Ideal Gus and Gfrenzy.
Stefan has been doing Pumice for over half of his life. In recent years there’s been a lot of touring the world and wringing the shit out of himself. Pumice plays parties, bars, galleries, theatres, punk dives, squats, boats, churches and car parks.”
– Audio Foundation NZ



  • Yi-jun CS (1994, Plop Recordings)
  • Walkden Fisher CS (1995, Stabbies, etc)
  • Poise CS (1996, Stabbies, etc)
  • 19/4/96 8" [lathe] (1996, Stabbies, etc)
  • Performance CS (1996, Stabbies, etc)
  • Dick Jaws CS (1997, Stabbies, etc)
  • I'll Take No Chance Near a Volcano CS (1997, Stabbies, etc)
  • Poin CS (1998, Stabbies, etc)
  • Withdrawal 7" [lathe] picture disc (1998, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Transactions CS (1998, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Platter One 7" [lathe] (1998, Stabbies, etc)
  • Platter Two 7" [lathe] (1998, Stabbies, etc)
  • Let's Treat the Pig's Head as Dip LP [lathe]/CS (1998, Stabbies, etc)
  • Dumbo's Jamaican Egg Dance 7" [lathe] (1998, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Sexual CS (1999, Stabbies, etc)
  • The Pirate (with CJA) CDR (1999, Stabbies, etc)
  • Platter Four 7" [lathe] (1999, Stabbies, etc)
  • Go CS (2000, Stabbies, etc)
  • Ones CDR (2000, No Label)
  • Sexual CDR (2000, PsuedoArcana)
  • Transaction CS (2001, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • A Window Into an Egg CDR/CS (2001, Stabbies, etc)
  • Platterplus CS (2001, Stabbies, etc)
  • I'll Take No Chance Near a Volcano CDR (2001, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
  • Go CDR (2001, Subversive)
  • Poin CDR (2002, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • White CD (2003, Stabbies, etc)
  • Raft CD (2004, Last Visible Dog / Stabbies, etc)
  • Worldwide Skull CDR (2005, Audiobot)
  • Split with Pewtr Trust CDR (2005, Ultra Eczema)
  • Spears CDR (2006, PsuedoArcana)
  • Yeahnahvienna CD (2006, Soft Abuse)
  • Do Not Destroy CD (2006, Last Visible Dog) [as Stefan Neville]
  • Patu CDR (2006, Puissant/Stabbies, etc)
  • Pipis/Onion Union 7" [lathe] (2006, CMR)
  • Pebbles CD (2007, Soft Abuse)
  • Providence 7" (2008, 8mm)
  • Punches 3" CDR (2008, Ruralfaune)
  • Quo CD (2008, Soft Abuse)
  • Quo LP (2008, Tipped Bowler Tapes)
  • Tour Single (with Grouper) 7" (2009, Soft Abuse)
  • Persevere 7" (2009, Soft Abuse)
  • Magnedisk Recordings of gFrenzy Songs 7" (2009, Dirty Knobby)
  • Pebbles CS (2010, Soft Abuse)
  • Quo CS (2010, Soft Abuse)
  • Worldwide Gullet CDR (2010, Nyali)
  • Pumice 10" (2010, Doubtful Sound)
  • Pumice at Happy 280910 DL (Papaiti, 2010)
  • Pebbles LP (2011, Soft Abuse)
  • PUNY CD/LP (2012, Soft Abuse)
  • Kambrook Rammar Instant Archer CS (2014, Clean Teeth)
  • Land CS (2014, Soft Abuse)
  • Poise, etc. LP (2015, Planam)
  • Puddles CD/LP (2015, Soft Abuse)
  • Platelets 7" (2018, Soft Abuse)
  • Worldwide Welts CS (2019, Dubbed Tapes)


  • Pumice 'Mothers in Mantis' official video, directed by GFrenzy

    Pumice 'Mothers in Mantis' official video, directed by GFrenzy

  • Pumice 'Hey Crap Crab'

    Pumice 'Hey Crap Crab'

  • Headquarters: Pumice

    Headquarters: Pumice

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