Soft Abuse

Puddles by Pumice

SAB071 | LP, CD, DL



For as long as most people can remember, & ever since Sugar Jon Arcus (Armpit) bowed out of the band, Pumice has been the ad hoc alter ego of Stefan Neville. This has never sat well with Neville; he always considered Pumice a band no matter what, even if the records and live performances consisted of his solo clangs and chugs.

Following the deaths of two dear loved ones, Neville opened-up Pumice to a few close friends and collaborators, seeking both an end to the ‘lonely solo act’ stigmas & some comfort in numbers. New songs were borne of these collaborations, while other preexisting recordings were augmented by the players, including Hermione Johnson, Claire Mahoney (It Hurts), (Pat) Kraus, Brisbane’s Leighton Craig (Primitive Motion, etc.), Tina and Sjionel (The Coolies), NZ legend GFrenzy, Matthew De Gennaro and family members Indira Neville (sister), Lucy Danko (neice) and Ponzo Danko (nephew). Puddles is the result, and the fluidity of contributors both expands and reinforces the notion of Pumice: wobbly rhythms, intercom screech & Neville’s weary croon all mingle with droning chord organ, synth blurts, & dense avant backdrops. Puddles is a huge step forward for Neville and his band, Pumice. All hail the king of homemade pop!


Track Titles

  1. Why I Chew My Sleeves
  2. Set of 666
  3. Bolus
  4. A Window Into A Egg
  5. Medallion
  6. Mothers in Mantis
  7. Glordinary
  8. What Did You Have for Tea Last Night?
  9. Ahipara Spaniel