Soft Abuse

The Child Readers

image of The Child Readers

The CRs tread the implied trail somewhere between music heard far off and a music finally pulled together. It’s finished structure is a plastic imprint of the aesthetic side of hearing. It’s language is direct, simple and hopefully unencumbered by convention. Of this clutch of tracks their creators may, with some authority, claim they are only prayers offered up unto: country, wastes of sea, songs, drawings, particular times of day, different furs.

The listeners have returned and are relating those wonders they have beheld….and in the process, hopefully forgotten themselves.
It was for us life as it should be.

The Child Readers
Loren Chasse
Jason Honea


  • Boy on a Cliff CDR (2001, Jewelled Antler)
  • Dark Laughter CDR (2003, Jewelled Antler)
  • Memory And Fantasy CD (2004, Mallard Lake)
  • Music Heard Far Off CD (2008, Soft Abuse)