Soft Abuse

The Child Readers

Music Heard Far Off

Rather than solely draw from any musical discourse, The Child Readers (Loren Chasse and Jason Honea) found inspiration in the creative adventures of Rockwell Kent, Lawren Harris, Charles Burchfield and Sherwood Anderson in making their fourth & best album, Music Heard Far Off.

Presenting music bathed in the beauty of everyday things, The CRs offer sonic prayers to country, wastes of sea, songs, drawings, particular times of day and different furs, all presented here as esoteric sing-a-longs. Aiding Honea & Chasse’s vision are three short films (the video album “Superstition Island,” contained on the disc), eye-popping album artwork, and contributions from Mark Williams (Mirza), Rob Reger (Thuja) and Christine Boepple. Music Heard Far Off was recorded, played back, re-recorded and collaged in various locales, including the California redwoods and coastlines, Estonia, Berlin, Madrid and Portugal. The true stories contained therein unite listener and creator for a unique musical experience; these confessional torch songs offer an intimacy that may embarrass the untrue of heart.

CD | $5.00

Track Titles

  1. Infant Wing
  2. Planet Waters
  3. Young Worlds--Try to Hear!
  4. A Tree Waits
  5. A Loved Thing / Gull's Blood
  6. Fortune (Incl. The Morningnight / A Hated Art)
  7. The Plague Angel
  8. Son of Man
  9. Hearts Made New (Incl. Quiet Adventure)
  10. Girls and Shadows
  11. A Poem in One Song
  12. Underground Colors
  13. Death of a Cloud
  14. Fire at Sea
  15. Starlight Veering
  16. Music Heard Far Off