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Hailing from Dunedin, NZ, The Futurians are the greatest sci-fi / punk / futurist / primitive / experimental band to ever plug in, turn on & blast off. The group has seen a string of line-up changes over the years, but at its core lie Ducking Monster (It Hurts, Rise of the City Cat Cult, etc.), CJA (Armpit, Wolfskull, Claypipe, City of Tales comics, many more…), Rocko Mandroid (Dick The Phone, Wolfskull, etc.) and ISO12 (Psychic Sidekick, Wolfskull, etc.). The band has released an insane amount of music since their inception in the early oughts, mostly limited offerings for Clayton Noone’s Root Don Lonie for Cash imprint.



  • In 3D! 3" CDR (2002, Specification)
  • Blastov! CDR (2002, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • 2000AD CDR (2003, Psuedo Arcana)
  • Live! CDR (2003, Urban Serpent)
  • Exterminate CDR (2003, Pink Skulls)
  • Book Of The Dead CS + floppy disk (2003, Specification)
  • Faktory! CD (2004, Soft Abuse)
  • Turbo Lover 3" CDR (2004, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Pigs in Space 3" CDR (2004, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Subway Songs 2CDR (2005, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • X/XX 3" CDR (2005, Specification)
  • Automatic Eyebrow CDR (2005, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Radio Futurian CDR (2005, Foxglove)
  • Pimp My Tardis CDR (2005, 267 Lattajjaa)
  • Projecktor CDR (2005, no label)
  • Programmed LP lathe-cut (2005, Specification)
  • Dogs in Helmets CDR (2006, Paha Porvari)
  • Blastov! Live in 3D! CDR (2006, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Rojaws/Devil Dog from Mars VCDR (2006, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Jawol Yoko! CS (2006, Arbor)
  • Evil Dead 2CDR (2006, Foxglove)
  • Spock Ritual CDR (2006, Invisible Generation)
  • Untitled Space Junk CS (2007, 8mm)
  • Red Light 3" CDR (2007, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Zenit 3" CDR (2007, Abandon Ship)
  • Zombie Chew CDR (2007, Digitalis)
  • Plays the Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol 7" lathe-cut (2008, Soft Abuse)
  • What Have We Here? 7" lathe-cut (2010, Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Lando CDR (2010 Root Don Lonie for Cash)
  • Chaos Manner LP (2010, Last Visible Dog)
  • Spacefreight CS (2010, Dungeon Taxis)
  • Urban Chaos EP 7" lathe-cut (2011, Epic Sweep)
  • Some Assembly Required CS (2011, Altered States Tapes)
  • Live at Lines 2011 CS (2014, Dub Ditch Picnic)
  • Spacies 7" lathe-cut (2014, Heavy Space)
  • Boombox! CDR (2016, Chemical Imbalance)
  • Distorted Living LP (2018, Feeding Tube)
  • LTA CS (2018, Post-Materialization)
  • Untitled (split with Coolies) CS (2018, Uniform)


  • The Futurians Radio One 91FM Live to air

    The Futurians Radio One 91FM Live to air

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