Soft Abuse

The Futurians

Play the Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol

The auditory gap between Finland and New Zealand narrows thanks to this new lathe cut single from The Futurians, Dunedin’s greatest primitive futurist sci-fi punk band. Herein they tackle two songs from the mighty Tivol. The originals come from Tivol’s debut, The Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol, released by 267 Lattajjaa as a 3″ CDR in 2003 and subsequently reissued by Holy Mountain as a 12″/CD (as Early Teeth), in 2005. Both songs are just completely blasted. Released in an edition of 50 copies, with spray painted & stickered sleeves that attempt to reference the original Tivol release. Manufactured by Peter King in New Zealand.

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Track Titles

  1. Vihaan Vitusti Kaikkea Mita Kulutusyhteiskunnan Aikaansaama Pinnallinen Alkoholiin Perustuva Sosiaalinen Kayttaytymiskulttuuri Edustaa
  2. Jawol, Tivol!