Blackout Beach
Light Flows the Putrid Dawn

SAB006 | CD, DL

Blackout Beach is Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes, Blue Pine, Swan Lake & etc., operating in solo mode. Like his work with Frog Eyes, Mercer’s solo recordings dwell in a land all their own, with his unique vocal and lyrical approach very much at the fore. A fourteen-part fluidsong cycle, Light Flows The Putrid Dawn finds Mercer in rare form, with intense, miniature epics that slowly build, swell and expand to the brink of collapse.

Track Titles

  • 1. If I Were Not Alexander, I Would Like to Be _ _ _ _ _
  • 2. The Swineherd Sings and the Fountain Dwellers Grow Apart
  • 3. Krull Courtship
  • 4. The Putrid Dawn is Only for Us Baby
  • 5. Fever of the Patriots
  • 6. New Soft and Shimmering Motherhood Alliance
  • 7. See: There is the Wisest Son of an All Wise Father
  • 8. The Stuttered XXX Breeze XXX
  • 9. The Painted Forest Screen Hides its Witch:
  • 10. The Reticent Burglar's Den
  • 11. The Transfiguration of BO-BRICK-IUS
  • 12. Meadows and Pleasant Madames or Something of the Sort
  • 13. The Hobo Who Learned to Eat Stone
  • 14. The Quiet Merchant Gets His Song Too