Soft Abuse

Blackout Beach

image of Blackout Beach

Carey Mercer started Blackout Beach as solo endeavor soon after the demise of his brilliant first band, Blue Pine, in 2001. Frog Eyes began around this time, too. Blackout Beach has since become a living, breathing thing, a trio, with Mercer at the helm.


  • Light Flows the Putrid Dawn CD (2004, Soft Abuse)
  • Claxxon’s Lament 7” lathe-cut (2007, Soft Abuse)
  • Skin of Evil CD/LP (2009, Soft Abuse)
  • Live at the Orange Hall DL (2011, Self-Released)
  • Fuck Death LP (2011, Dead Oceans)
  • 11 Pink Helicopters in the Coral Sky DL (2012, Self-Released)
  • Blues Trip LP (2013, Soft Abuse)