Matthew De Gennaro
Conversation with a Roadside Skull

SAB082 | CS, DL

Matthew De Gennaro is a deep listener & composer of unclassifiable esoterica that draws on folk music from all over. In recent years, his finger-picked, highlife imbued guitar playing has taken on more prominence in his pieces, and there’s been a proliferance of personal story songs as well. Ever present is his gorgeous, otherworldy viol playing, and melodies from an arcane organ or two. There’s no one out there quite like him, and Conversation with a Roadside Skull provides further proof of this. Joining Matthew on organ for one track is long-time friend and collaborator Scott Tuma. Enjoy the short ride.

Track Titles

  • 1. Wake / Waking
  • 2. Penumbra Asks Shadow
  • 3. All Thoughts
  • 4. Faddle
  • 5. A Short Ride (for Dan Maister)
  • 6. A Thought Across the Mind
  • 7. Instead
  • 8. What About This
  • 9. In This House
  • 10. Conversation with a Roadside Skull