Soft Abuse

Matthew De Gennaro

What It Is ?

Wandering homebody Matthew De Gennaro has created a beautiful new opus titled What It Is ? The answer to the album’s question: a moving set of deep and transcendental micro concertos, composed and performed almost entirely by the artist himself. De Gennaro summons sounds and styles from out-of-time frames of reference, a practice that separates him and his practice from most other known active performers. That said, a few active performers (friends) join him on What It Is ?, namely Scott Tuma and Stefan Neville, both adding new flavors to the pot.

Cassette | $6.00

Track Titles

  1. One Stone
  2. Enduring
  3. Wandering at Ease
  4. Volt
  5. Maximum Ned
  6. Yaravi / More Scales
  7. Planta del Desierto
  8. What It Is ?
  9. Everything Quiet Like Church
  10. Despidida