Soft Abuse

The Skygreen Leopards

One Thousand Bird Ceremony

The Skygreen Leopards are easily the most structured of any band in the Jewelled Antler cabal, which is not to say that improvisation figures heavily to their sound (it does). Indebted to Dan Treacy, The Monkees, Tall Dwarfs & ESP-Disk alike, The SGLs deliver loosely-structured summery psychedelic art-folk songs arranged with banjos, bouzoukis, 12 string guitars, tape loops, Hammond organ, and a host of other instruments. Their third album, One Thousand Bird Ceremony, is a watershed effort for the group. The Skygreen Leopards are Glenn Donaldson & Donovan Quinn. Tambourine, play it slow.

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Track Titles

  1. Summer Alchemy
  2. Morning of Gulls (A Dream of Waters, Part One)
  3. Let Me Grow in Your Meadow
  4. Walk with the Golden Cross
  5. All Our Plagues Were Rainbows
  6. One Thousand Birds
  7. Hello to All Your Rain
  8. The Heron (A Dream of Waters, Part Two)
  9. Tambourine, Play it Slow
  10. Seaflowers (A Dream of Waters, Part Three)
  11. Lost in the Shadow Arms of Lust
  12. Where Do Songs Come From?
  13. Parallel Shadows
  14. A Breeze of Pine Blows Through Me
  15. Summer Pharmacy