Soft Abuse

The Skygreen Leopards

image of The Skygreen Leopards

“In 2001 (year of the Snake) the Skygreen Leopards began as a duo consisting of Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn in the hobo-Victoria district of San Francisco. They met in the park where they’d both brought acoustic guitars. One said do you know how to play that old spiritual There is an Island in the Sun? and the other replied no. But he know Pilgrim from the Hinterlands and thus the SGLs were born. For the next few months the Leopards played in the park until a certain ranger busted us for corrupting an underage park mime.” – Green Peter


  • She Dreamt She Rode on a Pink Gazelle & Other Dreams CDR (2001, Jewelled Antler)
  • The Story of the Green Lamb & The Jerusalem Priestess of Leaves CDR (2002, Jewelled Antler)
  • One Thousand Bird Ceremony CD (2004, Soft Abuse)
  • Child God in the Garden of Idols LP (2005, Jagjaguwar)
  • Life and Love in Sparrow’s Meadow CD/LP (2005, Jagjaguwar)
  • Sing the Songs of the Lindner Brothers CDR (2005, Jewelled Antler)
  • Jehovah Surrender CDEP (2005, Jagjaguwar)
  • Disciples of California CD/LP (2006, Jagjaguwar/Cosmos Recordings)
  • Gorgeous Johnny CD/LP (2009, Jagjaguwar)
  • Family Crimes CD/LP (2014, Woodsist)
  • The Jingling World of The Skygreen Leopards LP (2018, Soft Abuse)