Soft Abuse

The Ivytree

image of The Ivytree

Songs and sounds by Glenn Donaldson, recorded indoors and outdoors around San Francisco starting at the turn of the century.


  • Orchards & Caravans CD-R (2001, Jewelled Antler) [as The Birdtree]
  • The Sun is the Lamp CD-R (2003, Jewelled Antler)
  • Orchards & Caravans CD (2003, Last Visible Dog) [as The Birdtree]
  • Winged Leaves CD (2004, Catsup Plate)
  • split with Chris Smith 12" (2005, FatCat)
  • Unburdened Light LP (2018, Recital)
  • A Pillar of Clouds CS (2019, Soft Abuse)
  • A Pillar of Clouds lathe LP (2019, Kindling)