2018 List: Leighton Craig

2018 stuff:

Julian Williams – Heard the Cars from My House cdr 
Hans Otte – Das Buch Der Klange double LP reissue
Numerous bush walks around Brisbane and surrounds
Robert Hunter at the NGVA
Happy Return s/t LP
Early morning reading and coffee (some faves: re-reading Richard Brautigan, Gavin Maxwell – “Ring of Bright Water”, George Saunders – “Lincoln in the Bardo”, Nan Shepherd “The Living Mountain”)
Maxine Funke – Silk LP
Three weeks travel in Japan
Michael Hurley live at The Junk Bar, Brisbane
Favourite record cover: Ragtime Frank and the Drivers – “I Know Said the King”
Pious Faults – Old Thread LP
Primitive Motion jams at Woodburn Laboratory
Most played album (old):  Luciano Cilio – Dell’Universo assente
Greymouth live at Nakano Community Centre, Tokyo (a perfect 10 minute set)
The Ivytree – Unburdened Light LP
Sandra Selig live at the IMA, Brisbane
Greg Malcolm and Stefan Neville – A Nuance LP
Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo